Bride of Christ

Wait or Manipulate 8/28/14

But his mother replied, “Then let the curse fall on me, my son! Just do what I tell you.  Gen. 27:13  NLT

Manipulation!   It seems to run in this family...  Sarah.. and now Rebekah!   God gave Sarah the promise of a son... but Sarah couldn't trust that God could do it in His time.  So she manipulated!

Now, Rebekah had a promise... that her second of the twins would be the one who would inherit the blessing of the family.   She couldn't figure out how God could do that... so she had to manipulate the situation.    Ironically, she did receive a curse... she got her way, but she never saw her favorite son again.

Why couldn't she wait?   Why can't I?  

Beloved, are you trying to manipulate others, thinking you are doing God a favor!   Don't do it!   Will you wait or manipulate?  

pastor John