Bride of Christ

If you don't use it! 8/18/14

"And I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours"  Matt. 25:25  NASB

Be a Willing Servant...   A famous Italian violinist willed his marvelous violin to the city of Genoa on condition that it must never be played.  The wood of such an instrument, while used and handled, wears only slightly, but set aside, it begins to decay.   This beautiful violin that once brought so much joy to the ears.. has now become worm-eaten and useless... except as a relic.  

The man in our text took what he was given and didn't use it.  He then gave the excuse that he buried it because he was, "Afraid to use it"!   God forbid that a Christian's unwillingness to serve may soon destroy his capacity for usefulness.  Remember, if you don't use it.. you will lose it!

Beloved... today... purpose to be useful!

pastor John