Bride of Christ

In time of Need 8/14/14

Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.  Heb. 4:16 NLT

   Unfortunately, many Christians just don't "feel" worthy enough to go and ask the Lord to help them at ANY time, let alone at a time of need.  Or maybe we think we can HANDLE our NEED ourselves.   However   Jesus tells us to "ask, seek and knock".   And James says we, "have not because we ask not."    

SAINTS, we are not just planning … we are also praying.  Take the time to develop the habit to humble yourself before His throne and listen.  He will speak to your heart about your own personal need.   During this time, I expect that God will be also speaking to you about a real need that He has… more surrender to His will.   If I want more of Him, He must have more of me!

He may whisper something that He needs you to do for Him.  Like laying aside some habit that has you hooked.  Or forgiving someone that has wounded you.   Maybe even forgiving yourself for yesterday.  What ever He says to us… we NEED TO do it!   The reason?  So He can restore your joy.  

His throne is a throne of GRACE!   At His throne you will RECEIVE MERCY!    And above all, at His throne you can find, "ALL THE HELP YOU NEED"!    Now that should make your heart leap for joy.  

So, dear ones… DRAW NEAR!  Find mercy and grace… and above all...  HELP!

"Call upon Me in the day of Trouble; I shall rescue you and you will honor Me"  Psalm 50:15