Bride of Christ

What the King Says... 8/11/14

May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  Matt. 6:10 NLT

Short and sweet... that's what the "Lord's Prayer" is... Short and sweet!   Well... short anyway!   But I ask you... How sweet is it?

For the one who goes through the motions of Christianity, the Lord's prayer can be a short prayer without giving it much thought.   But for one who really wants their born again life to be lived bringing glory to their Master, the prayer is so much more.   It is a prayer that bends our knee to our King's will... and not our own.  Our flesh won't think that doing His will is so sweet!

Beloved, I suggest that praying, "Your will be done", may not be as easily done as said.  However, it is the prayer of those who are devoted to allowing their lives to be lived in accordance to the rules of God's kingdom... far above the thinking and conduct of world-lings and many who only profess Christ at weekly meetings. 

Yes... God's Kingdom does have rules of thought and conduct.   And you did ask for His will to be done, didn't you?

Beloved, your King has a Will.... Find out what it is for today and then... go and do what the King says!