Bride of Christ

It's What's on the Inside that Counts 8/12/14

The Ark of the Lord remained there in Obed-edom’s house for three months, and the Lord blessed Obed-edom and his entire household.  2 Sam. 6:11  NLT

The Ark of the Lord has been a source of wonder ever since it was built.   Even Indiana Jones was intrigued by it.  

The Ark was a box and lid made of wood and overlaid with gold.   Kneeling on the lid were two angels their wing tips touching... bowing and facing down.   The flat part of the lid was called the mercy seat.  It was quite a sight to behold.  

Yet it was not what was on the outside, but what was on the inside that counted most.  What was in it?  

The laws of God given to Moses - a reminder that it is God who set's the code of conduct for society. 

A jar of Manna - a reminder of God's miraculous provision of daily bread.

The rod of Aaron - a reminder of the cost of grumbling about God's choice of authority. 

It was not just the box that blessed the house of Obed-edom!  It was Obed-edoms willingness to live according to what the contents reminded him of, that blessed him... and his entire household.

Beloved... It is not the Bible laying on your night stand or coffee table that will bless your house.... it is living according to what is on the inside that counts!  

pastor John