Bride of Christ

Bring it On!

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord, I say, “ You are my God.”   My times are in Your hand.  Psalm 31:14  NASB

Here we are… at the end of another year!   2014 is almost done!   I remember 1959 being a kid of 12 and looking ahead… I thought the year 2000 was so far out there that I would never live to be, “THAT OLD”!    Obviously I was wrong!  But then, I have been wrong about a lot of things.

I thought puppy love was the real deal!
I thought I was so lovable that everyone would like me!
I thought that I didn’t need anybody’s advice!
I thought church was for old people and sissys!
I thought that God was, “up there somewhere”, but didn’t care about me!
I thought I could navigate life without Him!
I thought time was in my hand!
I thought wrong!

 Looking back at 68 years… I see that even when I was resisting God’s plan… my Times were still in His hand!   And, dear one…so are yours!
I don’t know what 2015 will bring… but I know that whatever it holds is in Gods perfect timing for me… and that I was made for such a time as I say…