Bride of Christ

Dying to Self!

When the Roman officer who stood facing him saw how he had died, he exclaimed, “This man truly was the Son of God”.  Mark 15:39 NLT

There were many bystanders on the hill of death.   Some were there who misunderstood the purpose of God and were saying, “If you are the Son of God, come down from there”!!!   Others were there thinking that they had at last gotten rid of the “VOICE” that convicted them of their hypocrisy!    There were even those who were hanging on a cross alongside Him cursing the day they were born!  And even some, were just there to watch.

As for the Roman soldier… well.. putting others to death… that was his paid position… and he was good at it!   Hardly anyone else noticed or believed that the Son of God would be there.   But, the Roman did!  Why?   Men don’t DIE like this…. They die blaming… cursing… proclaiming their innocence!   They don’t die committing themselves to God, let alone saying, “FATHER FORGIVE THEM.. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING”!

Beloved, you will have an opportunity to die today  No, not IN the flesh…. but TO the flesh… to pride…to lust…  to getting your own way… to defending your position…to blaming… to justifying…  to self!      As it is written, "I die daily”!  [1Cor 15:31]

Others are watching… Perhaps what will be the greatest impact is not so much to see how a person who claims to be a Christian lives, but rather, how a son of God dies!

pastor John