Bride of Christ

LIft up Your Head 11/7/14

I cried to the Lord... "My glory, and the One who lifts my head."  Psalm 3:3-4

The Hebrew word, "glory" contains the idea of "weight"!    That's why when the presence of the Lord is near, we can feel the weight of His glory.   That weight can cause our knees to buckle or we simply fall on our face.

The weight of His glory can also cause us to tremble and bow our heads when we suddenly realize the splendor and majesty of His presence.  It's impossible to hold our head up high under the weight of His glory as we become aware of His Holiness against our unworthiness.

And for a moment, I think that He may lift OFF my head!   It's what I deserve!    But........

It is just then that our Lord does an amazing thing.    He reaches down in my fallen condition... with His hand of mercy... puts His finger under my chin and lifts up my head.  Selah!  [that means stop and think about it]

Dear one who is in despair over sin and failure...  today as you CRY OUT to Him, I pray the Lord of glory will reach out to you... and "LIFT UP YOUR HEAD".

pastor John