Bride of Christ

Learn to Walk away! 11/4/14

Do not be deceived:“Bad company corrupts good morals".   1Cor. 15:33   NASB

"One night in late October,
When I was far from sober,
Returning to my home with manly pride,
My poor feet began to stutter,
So I lay down in the gutter,
And a pig came near and lay down by my side;
Then we sang "It's all fair weather when good fellows get together",

Till a lady passing by was heard to say:
"You can tell a man who boozes,
By the company he chooses",
And the pig got up and slowly walked away."

We are known by who we "hang out" with, but what corrupts us may also include, our reading material, our web history, and what we watch on tv.

Beloved, make a conscious choice today to take an inventory of who and what you spend your time with...   Perhaps there are some things that you need to distance yourself from....

If anything is corrupting you... I pray that you have enough courage to, "GET UP and "slowly WALK AWAY"!

pastor John