Bride of Christ

No Volunteers!

And He said to them, “Follow Me"   Matt. 4:19  NASB

Jesus never said, “I’m looking for volunteers… I really need  SOMEONE to your help Me… so… I hope you will follow Me!”    He simply said, "Follow Me"!

The Jesus model of developing disciples that would "Follow Him", was to pray and then ask the people who were 'CALLED' to follow Him into the ministry He had in mind for them.    

Moving people from a volunteer mentality to becoming motivated followers of Christ is not easy.   It takes constant effort to match people with their God-given operational gift.

But first of all… let’s purpose to remove the word, “VOLUNTEER” out of our vocabulary!    Next, remove all doubt about God's calling you to be involved in His Kingdom business.   Then, He will give you the gift that will match what follows!

When Jesus said, "Follow me"... an amazing thing happened... they did!

Remember, beloved, God never calls "SOMEONE TO VOLUNTEER"   He calls 'FOLLOWERS"!  What follows next is up to you!

pastor John