Bride of Christ

Resist the urge to dirge! 10/31/14

I will joyfully sing of your forgiveness.
 Unseal my lips, O Lord,
that my mouth may praise you. 
  Psalm 51:14-15

John Maxwell tells of a song his worship orchestra played one Sunday morning that was terribly boring and depressing.   Later that week he took his worship leader out for lunch and asked him, "What was that song you played last Sunday"?   "Why, that's a 17th century dirge", he said.   John, replied.... "from now on... Resist the Urge to Dirge"!

A dirge is a song of lament for the dead!   It may have it's place at a funeral, but never at church... and never coming from the lips of a Believer!  

Beloved, if you have asked for it... God has forgiven you!  [1John 1:9]   He has saved you from the fear of death and given you victory over sin.   [1Cor. 15:56]

I know... you may have some bad news... but you have the best news ever!  So, do what the Psalm says and unseal your lips and sing joyfully.... and...

Resist the urge to dirge!!

pastor John