Bride of Christ

It's time for you to say... 10/16/14

“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked      Mark 10:51 NLT

Imagine that, beloved!   Your blind...sitting at your favorite roadside begging spot, just outside of Jericho.   You've heard about this Man called, Jesus... but you've never called out to Him before... at least...not until NOW!

But NOW you hear that He is passing by... He won't be back this way again!   You may be blind, but you still have a voice... You begin to cry out, "Jesus... have mercy on me"!    Your voice gets louder!   "JESUS, HAVE MERCY ON ME"!

The crowd tells you to, "shut up".   They think the Master is too busy for the likes of you.   After all... look at you... your just a blind beggar.  But wait... what other voice do you hear???

You may be blind... but you can definitely hear His voice.   You can hardly believe your ears.... as you hear Him say...   "What can I do for you"?   Now is the time for you to say...

"O Lord... open my eyes... that I may see"!   

pastor John