Bride of Christ

A missed connection 10/13/14

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.    Matt. 6:33 NLT

"Looking good", I said to myself as I stood and looked at the 6 new electrical outlets I just added in the garage.   In anticipation of having some new places with power, I turned on the breaker... plugged in my machine... but... nothing!!!  Are you kidding me?

It must be a bad breaker!    Nope!  

It must be a bad outlet!   Nope!

What was it?   I looked up and saw the problem.   There was one outlet in the ceiling that I had missed.  It was the first outlet in the wiring series.  If you miss that one... nothing else will work!

Beloved... it's the way it is in our spiritual life too.   If we miss the first thing that is supposed to be first, we can look good... like an outlet should... but there is no power in it.

Look up, dear one... perhaps there is a connection you missed?

pastor John